Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Secret Garden stage 2

Here is the second stage of the painting I started yesterday. I have run on a couple of different glazes over the under painting. This traditional method of painting has the advantage of producing rich deep areas particularly useful for painting clothing. It is a method little used or taught these days but one that I like. The painting is actually pretty well finished now so I will post the complete painting another day. I named it the secret garden after a TV program years ago (40yrs+), which, was based on a children’s book. I used to read avidly as a child and walked to the library about 2 miles away to change my books on a weekly basis. Now I go through fits and starts and may read three books in a row and then nothing for a month. I can read quite quickly and am used to scanning documents very fast.

I painted in the Waverley this morning in Carmarthen. It was very quiet, a couple of the local writing group met there. I did a couple of hours then went and saw Alex in Origin Dyfed. She hadn’t seen a customer all morning.

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