Monday, 4 April 2011

Eagle Tower ~ Caernarfon Castle

The picture above is from one of my sketchbooks and shows Eagle Tower, part of Caernarfon Castle. I don’t tend to keep my sketchbooks for long. I like to sketch but unless it is for reference purposes that is it. It has served its purpose. I am a bit of a minimalist at heart. I like order and don’t hoard or keep things. Alex is pretty much the opposite.

I like my studio to be reasonably tidy with everything in its place. At one time I shared studio space and it was pretty difficult for me. I would see other artists leaving tops off tubes of paint and brushes left dirty, which to me is a real waste. What was worse was the chaos of clutter left to fall over.

I could spend hours on a painting to come back and find new additions in the form of spray and splatter from someone else’s “creative moment” that had extended from their Jackson Pollock over the floor or walls to my canvas and sometimes my coat, glasses or sandwiches. They were lovely people but they had a different painting regime to myself.

I am disciplined and can paint without waiting for any inspirational moment. As soon as I pick up a pencil or brush I am as they say in the zone.

Today we went to the DOT Foundry near Bridgend to pick up some more prints.

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