Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dinefwr Long Horn Cattle

I do sell postcards to the National Trust and one outlet is at Newton House, Dynefwr.

I have previously been there with Prince Charles in an official capacity. Forgive the name-dropping. I have met a lot of not very nice people in my time and a far greater number of good people and for me Prince Charles is definitely in the latter category. Anyway the studies above are of the rare breed Long Horn Cattle that are the Cattle in Residence at Newton House. There is also a fine deer park.

I don’t do animal studies or portraits as a rule but like anything if they are there and you have time on your hands it passes a few minutes pleasantly. I am by nature quite taciturn. If I have something to say I will say it but I am not in the habit of talking for the sake of it. Alex is a great communicator  I am often left with time on my hands while she enters into some sort of discourse. Thus I generally take a sketchbook with me and if I am with Alex my time can be usefully spent if she should happen upon another victim. On the occasion above she was delivering cards and I stopped outside to doodle.

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