Monday, 18 April 2011

Chapel Beach Bay

Yesterday’s painting reminded me of a large painting I did about 10 years ago of the Cliff Top in Chapel     Beach Bay, in Milford Haven. The painting, which I no longer have, is shown above. We have spent many nights anchored in Chapel Beach Bay. It is the first significant shelter inside the Haven and offers good protection from The North and West together with good holding for an anchor. It also has a good landing place very important to us as we always took our dog with us. The only problems we ever experienced were the wake of a passing oil tanker disturbing our wine bottle.

Mill Bay slightly to the West of Chapel Beach Bay is the Bay that King Henry VII landed from France on his way to seize the throne of England in 1485 defeating King Richard at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Today I walked to the library to change my books. I then had to tend the garden and a few other domestic chores. I also varnished a couple of paintings.

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