Saturday, 16 April 2011


The painting above is of Alex. Today I spent the morning putting together my mother-in-law’s garden swing, computer and other assorted items. The garden swing was a bit of a problem as I hadn’t seen it before and it was just a collection of steel tubes and bolts.

I had a good walk through Bluebell Woods with the dog and, the blue bells are starting to come out. The May is in blossom and the yellow of dandelions make it all very heart warming. Alex has been framing a print for a friend’s birthday present and has now gone off shopping. I am slightly concerned, as I need the car in four hours to go to the rugby with my son. Four hours for Alex to go shopping is not very long in my experience.

My elder daughter and family are coming tonight so it’s all go. Had a text from my brother-in-law today it said,

He was doing the London Marathon again this year. Last year he managed 3 hours 12 minutes but then he got bored and turned the television off!

I am hoping to get a watercolour done later but realistically it may not happen.

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