Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vintage MG Carmarthen

The painting above is one I did last week. It shows an MG sports car, which I have to say I love the look of. It was one of those really hot days in July last year.

I have to say that although I am fascinated by machinery I am not really interested in cars as such. We used to do all our own maintenance and servicing at one time. Alex had an old Landrover which we did most things on including changing the cylinder head and converting it to unleaded fuel. Cars now of course are half machine half electronics so are impossible to work on without the right equipment. All I need from a car now is it to stop start and be comfortable carrying our work and us. I must say also that I don’t really enjoy lying under a car getting rust in my eyes changing an exhaust pipe. These days any problem straight to the garage!

So I would never go to the motor show but I would go to a vintage show or steam rally. There are plenty of good subjects there and of course there quite nostalgic.

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