Tuesday, 22 March 2011

David Cowdry ~ Aberglasney Exhibition

The painting above is one from my recent visit to Snowdonia. Today I set about the commission and it is pretty much done. I find the finished work quite agreeable. Well it is of a pleasing disposition. You will note that I have finished, “The Mayor of Casterbridge” today.

This will please Mrs Cox who is getting fed up of conversing in 19th century English.

Today we received an invitation to a private view of David Cowdry’s next exhibition in Aberglasney. An event not to be missed, definitely one of the best artists I have seen.

Although his subjects and style differ from mine he is technically immense. A lovely man and a true genius with a brush. You can tell I am impressed.

Visit    for details

We had the grandchildren today who were well behaved. One is very content to draw and draws very well.

Alex got a lot of mounts cut so a good day.

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