Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Triumph 750 Motorcycle Combination

The above is a sketch for a painting of Llansaint. I haven’t done the painting as yet but I expect I will get around to it one day.

Today I was in Origin Dyfed the Arts and Crafts shop in Carmarthen. We were redecorating the shop ready for re-opening this week. I was chatting to Helen Elliot who is a member and very good artist. She is a keen motorcyclist and I thought I would add a tale about our exploits.

Motorcycle combinations love them or hate them, whatever they are different. The main problem with them is that because there is a third wheel in order to turn right you have to brake and in order to turn left you have to accelerate. This is great unless you wish to stop at the same time. They take a lot of getting used to. Anyway we had a Triumph 750, which we added a motorcycle sidecar to. The main reason we did this was because we had a dog so he could go with us in the sidecar.

I eventually got used to it and decided it was time Alex had a go. She could ride a motorcycle and had a BSA herself. We went to Welshpool Car Park one Sunday and I gave Alex some lessons in how to handle it.

All was going well and she was going around in figure of eight accelerating and braking. I was standing giving instruction. Suddenly she accelerated when she should have braked and the combination swerved into a parked lorry trailer. Fortunately Alex was wearing a full-face helmet as the combination went under the trailer and knocked her off the back of the bike onto the floor. The Combination carried on under the trailer and through a hedge into the canal.

Alex was stunned temporarily having taken a hefty blow to the head. The bike had meanwhile disappeared.

I took Alex home and she rested for the day. I then went around and scrounged a crane and lorry. I then provided the main amusement for the local youth as I waded into the canal to find the combination and hook it up to the crane.

At the end of the day it all turned out ok. It cost me 2 bottles of whisky for the unofficial hire of a company crane and lorry. Alex was fine and after changing the oil and drying out the bike it stated first time.

Alex replaced the lemon today so I can finish my still life.

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