Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Getting Ready

The little watercolour above is of my son-in-law and grandson playing football on the beach. For some strange reason our son and one of our daughters both married Irish Partners. I did make a suggestion as to the reason but it got me a slap. They are both very warm and effusive and a great part of a large family. The only problems arise during the Six Nations when there is some friendly rivalry.

I am pretty well covered now for our next exhibition, which is in June at Aberglasney.

I have enough new work to ensure that at least 70 % + has not been shown there before. I will of course keep painting and finalise our choice nearer the date. Not all the paintings I have done will be mounted and framed; some may be stored and retrieved later or eventually disposed of.

Alex has the big job of preparing the mouldings, frames and putting them all together along with publicising the exhibition. To be fair Aberglasney are excellent at marketing and publicising so for that exhibition there isn’t much to do other than notify our usual customers and friends of the date.

Today I did some sketching, which was quite relaxing.

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