Monday, 28 March 2011

Still life

Today I started a new still life picture. It took a bit of time to work out a reasonable composition with a crab in it. There is going to be a lemon on the right behind the bottle but Alex used the one I had for cooking yesterday! So I will add it later. I also added the spoon after I started painting. The bottle is one Alex dug up in the garden when we lived in Brecon. I am hoping to finish the painting this week!
Tomorrow I am going in to help redecorate a local gallery Origin Dyfed in Carmarthen. I am a member of the co-operative that runs it.

Alex is busy framing two large prints and Jac our dog is apparently going through the pockets of my old sports jacket looking for dog biscuits. When I walk him I keep a couple of treats in the jacket pocket. He is quite well behaved except he has a requirement to steal and bury shoes. If you leave a pair of shoes unguarded they will quickly become one. A search of the house is then required and then a check of the gardens to look for recently disturbed soil or gravel.

For my part I only have a couple of pairs of shoes. I wear them until they are worn out then throw them away and then buy another pair. Unfortunately one of the pair is now in the singular and the missing right shoe has so far eluded me.

Eventually Jac digs them up and returns them although this may be weeks later.
You will see him come into the house with a shoe filled with gravel or soil.

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