Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Alpha

My son-in-law and daughter-in-law are both Irish and have dogs called Paddy and Murphy. I am a dog lover, which is just as well as we are frequently dog sitting whilst the owners trot off to America or Ireland.

The watercolour sketch above is of Murphy a black lab. He is obviously spoilt when he comes to our house and will leap on the sofa next to me. At home he is not allowed in the lounge at all. He is a big dog who is reasonably well behaved.

Paddy a golden retriever is the interesting Steve Davies of the two and has no personality whatsoever and does tend to smell. Strangely both these large dogs are completely dominated by my youngest daughters spaniel bitch who is comparatively minute.

In many ways this is replicated in my life. Alex who is the petite lady likes to think she is the boss and gets her own way. The truth is she does. I think this is probably a trait passed on to both our daughters.

Anyway today I went in to Origin Dyfed to help hang paintings ready for the opening tomorrow. Jane Russell an artist from Llansteffan came in and we spent several hours getting it right while Moira and Martin did the displays.

Alex has got on well framing and has finished about 8 paintings today. Tomorrow I will push on with my still life and am teaching in the afternoon.

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