Thursday, 31 March 2011

No place like Gnome

There the still life is finished bar any details when I look at it next. The background is actually slightly greyer than blue but it gives you an idea. I had thought about the crab’s whiskers but probably won’t add them as they are normally absent when you buy a crab. I did some tuition this afternoon so a good day’s work. Alex has finished off 8 pictures as well.

When we lived in Welshpool we had a friend Neil who was quite hilarious. He had a very dry sense of humour and generally took all that life could throw at him with a smile and an off the wall comment. Neil had in his front garden a large cement gnome who he affectionately called Norman. One day he informed us in rather a lather that Norman had been stolen and he obviously quite put out about it.

Nothing more was said until about a month later when he showed us a picture postcard of Rio de Janeiro, which read,

“Dear Neil,

Sorry I left without saying goodbye but I have decided to see the world so don’t worry about me. I am having a wonderful time. I hope you are all right. The beaches in Rio are super. I haven’t met any other gnomes here yet.

Love Norman”

Sure enough it had been posted in Rio. There followed a series of postcards from all around the world much to Neil’s and our amusement.

We never did find out who was responsible but one night Norman re-appeared having apparently had enough of globetrotting.

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