Friday, 4 March 2011

Dylan ~ Laugharne

The watercolour above shows the Town Hall in Laugharne.

Laugharne is pretty unique in that it was granted a granted by Sir Guido de Brion the Younger in the 1290s. The Charter allows for the Town to be run by a Corporation of Burgesses. The Charter gave the Burgesses of the Town the right to choose a Portreeve every six months, to act as a magistrate and to receive the tolls. The Corporation still exists to this day.

Laugharne is of course more famous for the Poet Dylan Thomas. I am, as I have previously state not a big fan of Dylan Thomas. On the other hand I do like the other poet and songwriter Bob Dylan. I feel I have more of an affinity to Bob Dylan and I can understand what he is talking about (for the most part).

It’s hard not to have sympathy with a straight forward lyric like:

“If you see your neighbour struggling, help him with his load,
And don’t go mistaking paradise for that home across the road.”

Can't argue with that! Today I walked the dog and did some sketching.

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