Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ceramics and me

The painting above is of Alex and one of the little ones.

When I did my art degree I learnt a lot although strangely I was never taught how to paint or the techniques of painting. Fortunately for me I could do that before I went. I did learn about Art History and also Ceramics.

I am interested in techniques and methods so ceramics did appeal to me. When I was boarding at school we had a good teacher with no budget so we dug clay and then built our own wood fired kiln. We made slips and were relatively successful.

It is quite a scientific process, firing times, formulae for slips and glazes etc.. The lecturer at college was also very good and very organized something of a rarity in Art College! Unfortunately I had no connection with ceramics or pots and was very average.

It was a blessing really as you have to specialise and me real love is painting.

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