Sunday, 6 March 2011

Triumph Daytona

Here are some more figures on the beach at Llansteffan. A typical windy damp day but great for a walk. Here is Alex with two of the grandchildren.

Alex is the holder of a full motorcycle licence, as am I. Before we had our children it was our main form of transport. My first motorcycle was a 250cc Royal Enfield, I also had an Ariel Colt LH 200cc and an Ariel NG. We had several other motorcycles after.

We got about quite a bit and travelled light. We toured Scotland for a fortnight with Alex on the back of my Triumph Daytona 500cc with just a one-man tent, a small wash bag and sleeping bag. Today it takes a week to pack the camper for a day trip to the seaside!

I remember pulling into one campsite and the lady said “No bikers I am afraid.”

We eventually persuaded her that we were two respectable if a little smelly travellers and she agreed to let us stay if we “Promised to behave!”

We went to Kilchoan the most westerly village in mainland Great Britain. Until about 1900 it was accessible only by sea. Unfortunatley the bike fell off its stand and bent the right hand handlebar to near vertical. We rode home about 450 miles in the rain with my right hand in some sort of paintful salute.

The scenery was spectacular and we have promised ourselves to return to Scotland to tour in the van when we get the opportunity. I suppose we should go anyway as my grandfather‘s family were from Ayrshire.

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