Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pride comes before a fall

Here are some more people on the beach withtheir bundle of fun.

I was talking in my post yesterday about our first dog Pluto. We took him to Montgomery Castle one day with a French Lad who had turned up on the doorstep, I am still not really sure who he was as he didn't speak much English.
Anyway we walked up to the Castle and crossed the wooden Bridge into the Keep (the main part) of the Castle which stands on a rock overlooking the County of Mongomery. Pluto was quite well trained and would walk to heel normally . He was therefore off  his lead. We wandered about and Pluto jumped over a few low walls and then we noticed he had disappeared.
I asked the French man where he was and he made a sign with his hand like a wave or swallow. He had obviously lept over the walls until he came to the end curtain wall and jumped over that.

I looked over certain that he had met his maker only  to see him running around on the rocks below. I have looked at the pictures of the castle now and can say with certainty he must have fallen at least 40 feet. He had cut his tongue and had a few scrapes but the vet confirmed he was fine. In fact he lived to be a lovely grumpy 15year old.

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