Thursday, 10 March 2011

Man's best friend

The watercolour above is of my son’s dog. He is a big black Labrador, the dog not my son. All my children have dogs which is nice for them but it can be a bit chaotic at family gatherings.

Our daughter was talking the other day about our dogs when she was young. I hadn’t thought before about how much impact it had on her. She remembered when they died and how she felt and going to fetch a new dog, what we did and which dog was with us. It was obviously a big part of her growing up. Anyway she turned out to be a lovely person as did the other children so I am sure the addition of man’s best friend to the family helped in their nurturing and development.

Dogs are popular in paintings probably because they hit the spot and remind us of a dog we had or knew. I am a big softy in that regard although I rarely paint a dog portrait as I have said before. I do incorporate dogs into a painting as incidental to the scene on occasions.

Ah well its time to take the dog out now!

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