Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saundersfoot Harbour

The painting above is the one I re-worked this week. I have lightened it fractionally.

Today has been spent with the grandchildren and also did a spot of DIY for my mother. Alex has been attempting to keep the peace between the two siblings with some but not great success.

When I talked about Merlin (our old cat) yesterday I omitted to mention one of his characteristics.

He was, it could be said with absolute truth of a very generous disposition. He would often bring home presents and leave them in place for us to discover. These would be sparrows, moles, and earthworms alive or dead. He even managed to find room amongst Alex’s huge shoe collection to deposit a magpie. How he managed to get it through the cat flap I will never know.

After Merlin moved away from us to neighbours up the road he apparently moved on again.

Occasionally I see a black cat with a wild look in its eyes and wonder as I pass if it is in fact Merlin. Although it is rumoured he died of a poorly liver, I like to think of him still out there causing h

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