Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Here is a little watercolour sketch I did of Alex on the beach with Paddy the dog!
Paddy is a golden retriever belonging to our daughter and son-in -law. He is honestly not very interesting and doesn't do a lot. His one main feature is he smells, quite badly. He stays with us from time to time and it is on those occasions I realise I am blessed for not having a great sense of smell due to an operation on my nose as a child.

When we were first married we had a sheep dog puppy which we called for want of an original name "Pluto". He was a bit of a scamp. We rarely had meat in those early days other than sausage or sometimes liver. When my Mother-in-Law came to visit withher mother we saved up and bought a joint of lamb.
The inevitable happened and we found the joint buried in the garden. Unperturbed Alex fought the dog for it and won. She then cleaned up the remnants and cooked it. It was a little smaller than it had started but no-one seemd to notice.

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