Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gwili Railway

I went to the gallery today but it had been booked for an event. They had forgotten to tell me. It was a lovely day for a walk so I didn’t mind. I called in at Oriel Myrddin on the way back to see the exhibition. To be honest it was not really my cup of tea but there were a couple of drawings I liked. I also went to the library.

I did a painting of Gwarchodwr Cymreig a little tank engine on the Gwili Railway when I got home. See above.

I then took my mother to the beach and she sat while I walked the dog. In the meantime Alex was in gardening mode. She also bought another set of click boxes.

Whoever invented them I would like to meet them. I think we have more click boxes than paintings in the house.

Tomorrow I have to repair some fencing.

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