Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paxton's Tower

The painting above is one that sold last week of Paxton’s Tower in the Towy Valley. Today I went into the gallery and did an oil painting of Snowdon. As I had been looking at Snowdon from our camper van for quite a few days this last week it came fairly naturally. When I got home I finished off an oil painting of cattle near the canal in Brecon.

For the first time since Christmas Alex has now got a chance to start framing. There is a lot of work to do for the next exhibition and this afternoon she made a start. Unfortunately the mitre cutter began to play up. It is only about four years old and in excellent condition but the blades take quite a hammering bearing in mind they have to cut through solid wood up to 3 inches across and an inch and a half thick. The blades need professionally re-sharpening every 2 months and so we have a spare set. (Spare blades are about £150). Then you have to reset them when they are replaced. With small tolerances this can either go well first time or be irritatingly awkward.

I have spent the last three quarters of an hour on them and have my fingers crossed. Alex is now trying it out. I haven't heard anything being thrown through the workshop window yet so am hopeful.

Framing is not cheap and for good reason. Bespoke frames take time and money and I am glad Alex no longer frames for the public or other artists because frankly the returns didn’t justify it.

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