Friday, 16 May 2014

Well I ask you

Well I ask you. Have you ever had one of those days. If at first you don't succeed give up! Yes it was one of those days for me yesterday. Was it Friday 13th ?
I went to piano lesson first thing and it was a disaster. What was this in front of me, a piano?
I couldn't play it at all. It was like I had never seen one before. I'd had a complete memory wipe.
I thought maybe I would go to the gym then and get it out of my system well that worked fine (I thought).
Then in the afternoon I did a cartoon for a painting. (A cartoon being a detailed drawing to transfer onto the board). I then spent an age going over it. It was a complete mess, the second disaster of the day!
Now that is the point to call it a day. If you are in a hole stop digging. Pick up a book feet up and forget about it all. I rarely have days like that so I should be grateful. The painting will be fine I know, but as for the piano.
Actually today I sat down at the piano and it recognised me and we got on fine, although I notice a lot of for sale signs going up in the neighbourhood!

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