Friday, 23 May 2014


The watercolour above shows boats dried out at Porthmadog. We normally spend a couple of weeks in the begining of the year in North Wales to get some material and have a change of scene. For a number of reasons we haven't managed it this year and we also cancelled a trip to the West Country.

 Still as they say "Onward and Upward". (Where did that come from?) Apparently from the Latin, "Excelsior". ( It seems a Conservative candidate once used the slogan "Up and up and up and on and on and on" in his election bumph. Sounds like a politician, anyway you won't be surprised to know he wasn't elected).

Anyway Alex is up to her armpits making cards at the moment we seem to have had a run on everything of late. We are looking forward to David Cowdry's next exhibition in Newton House, Dinefwr pictures look spectacular. Shouldn't be long now.

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