Friday, 30 May 2014

A few days off

We recently had a few days at Centre Parcs with all the family. I am not sure how many of us there were. I lose count over 20. Anyway we had a really good time. I surprised myself by joining in some of the activities. Alex and I hired bicycles although I don't think I quite had the fashion sense for it. Everyone else was in lycra shorts, T shirts and trainers whilst I was in wellies, waxed jacket, old trousers and flat cap. I went swimming and talked myself in to going down the waterchutes which was good fun.

It made me recall of being blagged into going up the waterslide in Oakwood Amusement Park. Our son was about 10 at the time and he wanted me to go with him. I unhappily agreed. The slide is about 80 metres high and has two chutes side by side. You climb the steps, sit on a plastic sled which goes down the water slide and skims across a pool at the bottom stopping on the other side. A large crowd stands around cheering on their kids.

I got to the top with my son I sat on my sled he went to get on his then disappeared. I was pushed off and I flew down the slide, and hit the water at the bottom. The sled shot from underneath me and continued across the water leaving me immersed in the pool. My son had meanwhile climbed back down the tower and was joining in the merriment with the crowd as I struggled across the water like a drowned rat.

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