Thursday, 22 May 2014

Horse and rider Llansteffan Beach

Here is the painting from yesterday, as yet I haven't added or changed anything. I will probably touch up the sides where the canvas is held in the pochade box and is unpainted. Other than that I will probably leave it as it is.

There wasn't a horse and rider on the beach yesterday but I thought it added to the painting so I included it.

It is one of my favourite places and out of interest I made a count to see how many paintings I had catalogued of Llansteffan in the last 8 years. How many I have painted I can't actually say because I only catalogue those that we decide to frame and offer for sale. Out of 950 paintings catalogued as framed 37 were of Llansteffan 2 of those are in my studio one in in a gallery and the rest are sold. (To be honest I thought it was slightly more than that, but as I say I am forever doing watercolours, sketches etc which are never catalogued).

Link  I did think about the Osmonds "Crazy Horses" but decided on something from my younger days!

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