Thursday, 15 May 2014

Exhibition of Embroidery - and The Yellow Rose of Texas

Alex and I called into an Exhibition of embroiderers  in Carmarthen Library yesterday. It was a lovely display of very varied and imaginative work. The exhibitino is on until 22nd May.

My mother in law is a very acomplished embroiderer and won a prize for her work. 

Speaking of Norma, she has been trying out new ringtones on her mobile to find the one with the loudest ring so she can hear it. So the other day when she was in town she was very pleased to hear her mobile going but a little frustrated at the timing. She had armfulls of shopping and the phone was at the bottom of her bag. She stopped put everything down and got her mobile out to only to realise at that point it was the sound of the church clock striking. (I know, it runs in the family). 

This also reminds me of my old chief inspector, a lovely gent who fought in the 8th Army with Montgomery. He was attached to the Artillery and this had a significant impact on his hearing.
In the early 1970's he was the proud owner of one of the first LED digital watches. It also had a musical alarm function. All well and good. The problem was somehow he had set the alarm function to go off hourly. He would be in the middle of giving a briefing and all of a sudden "The yellow rose of Texas" would start to accompany his words. Whilst it was plain to everyone else, he couldn't hear it. It was a nightmare to keep a straight face. This went on for a couple of days with an hourly rendition of this song until someone had to tell him. 

Link has to be the confederate cavalry song

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