Saturday, 17 May 2014

School days

Yesterday Alex and I went off with my sister to visit one of our grandson's schools. It is a Private School and it was grandparents open day!

I had a good scrub down put on my old panama hat and changed my name to Rupert. Alex became Charlotte and the Vauxhall pretended it was a Mercedes!

To be fair the school has excellent facilities that you can only marvel at. Personally I didn't like school and was happy to leave at 16. Anyway we had a good time we were shown around by our grandson who is 5. We had tea and cakes on the lawn etc. We later joined our daughter, son in law and granddaughter who took an instant liking to my hat which is now even more battered that it was before.(see sketch above).

Our grandson was recently been invited to a party. It was held in a "large" house and had bouncy castles on the lawn a demonstration involving a real fire engine.. You get the picture. After the games all forty children were seated in the games room for special tea with parents sat around the outside.
Each child had been given a specially packaged hamper. Our grandson opened his and to the horror of his mother stood up and shouted,
 "Oh no mommy I can't eat this. Its "White" bread, and there's crisps in here!"
Apparently our embarrassed daughter looked around with the other parents trying to identify the culprits mother.

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