Sunday, 4 May 2014

Carmarthen and the River Towy

The above painting of Carmarthen and the River Towy sold last week (note: The blue is a little saturated on my monitor compared to the original). I like this view of Carmarthen. It incorporates all the history of the Town from the days of the Romans when it was a main sea port to include the slips where shipbuilding took place and the backdrop of the Old Castle which became the Town Gaol and is now the County Hall.

Alex was very skeptical about yesterday's blog. Strange it is me who is the real skeptic. I generally need to see evidential proof of any hypothesis. I guess my years as a police officer have ensured I really take little at face value. I do have a questioning nature.

Anyway hopefully we will finish the garden today and I will start on a new painting.

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