Sunday, 25 May 2014

Thinking in the gym

I have mentioned before that I enjoy going to the gym regularly. Well actually I don't enjoy it I find it excruciatingly boring but I go anyway. To pass the time I do have an old ipod which helps for a little while. Then I tend to think of my paintings or events in my life ..etc

Today for some reason I was remembering the Prague Spring. For those that don't know it was when the Czechoslovakian Government tried to free itself from the Communist Bloc and the Soviet Union sent in the tanks to crush the burgeoning democracy. This was in 1968. I wasn't there but I did go to London to join the protest outside the Soviet Embassy. Not sure why it came to mind perhaps events in Ukraine? Or was it just the Rolling Stones on the ipod?

Anyway quite busy one way and another had to turn down a commission this week although I didn't like having to do it but we are too busy.

Link: well here is Stones Jumping Jack Flash by Anandar Shankar from 1970  I love this and it takes me back.

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