Friday, 9 May 2014

A couple of days in Tenby

On Thursday Alex and I decided on a last minute break with a couple of days in Tenby. We booked a nice room overlooking Caldey. Alex then went about planning, choosing and packing clothes.  Which trousers and which shirts did I want to take...etc?
Anyway all went well we found the hotel beautiful room with great views. So Alex unpacked and we went out for lunch. I sat down to take a sip of beer and then:

Alex said,"Now I suppose is the best time to tell you."
"I didn't pack everything."
"Okay what didn't you pack?"
"I forgot to pack your trousers."
"Did you forget any of your things?"
"No. I'm fine."
After lunch we went into Peacocks.
I asked "Why do we want to go in here?"
Alex,"I forgot your socks as well!"

Of course there is  more to this story, a bit of history actually.  Our son got married in Tenby. Now Alex like all mothers spent hours, no days choosing her "Outfit" and accessories for the big day. Everything else paled into insignificance. On the day we jumped into the car in casual clothes intending to book into the hotel and change there. Alex had put the suitcases and all accessories etc by the front door and I had loaded them into the car.

We booked into our room and I got changed in the merest "jiffy". Alex took her time (I should say unusually but I won't).
After a while she said,"Where are my new shoes?"
"I don't know where did you put them?"
Alex replied," I put them by the front door for you to pack!" No pressure there then.
"Oh. I will go and check the car." I said feeling a wee bit intimidated.

No of course they weren't in the car and although Alex looked a picture in her dress and hat the trainers did nothing for the overall affect!

 I didn't dare laugh. It was serious and I was unfortunately getting the full treatment. Eventually she borrowed a pair of shoes that weren't exactly awful. I thought they were fine but I admit they were too big. In the end she packed them with cardboard and shuffled around like a Geisha girl. I think she spoke to me again that day but it was probably only under sufferance. It was a lovely day in the end and everyone enjoyed.

When we got home of course the new shoes were... in their original box in the wardrobe!

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