Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tenby Museum and Gallery

When we went to Tenby 2 weeks ago for a couple of nights we found a good pub that sold real ale. It was a backstreet pub with tile floor and dart board as a pub should be.

I got chatting to one of the locals and told him we had been to the museum. He obviously had differing views to me as he was quite rude about Gwen and Augustus John who are featured in the gallery at the museum. At that point I changed the subject as I didn't feel like arguing. I appreciate technically gifted artists. He held a more contemporary view. I was happy to leave him with it and we discussed rugby which was not contentious and went down well with my pint. Each to their own. (Anyway the museum is worth a visit in my opinion if you happen to be in Tenby).

 The watercolour above  shows Tenby from South Beach

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