Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Stormy Weather

I was tied up with grandchildren and other duties yesterday, so no painting. Here is an old painting I did of a tall ship under bare poles (no sails due to the weather conditions). I have been caught in difficult conditions but fortunately nothing like this. Apparently they used to rig a canvas screen behind the helmsman sometimes. Not to give him protection but to stop him seeing the huge waves coming up behind which might cause him to lose his nerve. Anyway this painting was sold some years ago.

Following the blog about the kitchen units the other day Alex reminded me of our first fitted kitchen. That may be a slight exaggeration however. After we had been married a while we invested in a wait for it "wall cupboard for the kitchen". We still had no fridge, washing machine, dryer, etc. but we did buy a second hand wall cupboard in the local auction. I had responsibility for fitting it. I didn't have an electric drill but used the "old rawl plug tool" that you hit with a hammer and turned to drill a hole in the wall.

 I finally got it up on the wall and proudly showed Alex. She examined it and pointed out a half inch gap between the back of the cupboard and the wall. Always the perfectionist.

I told her it was absolutely fine and I could hang off it if necessary (a rash boast in the circumstances). I promptly grabbed hold of the cupboard and lifted my legs off the floor. The unit came crashing to the ground and broke into pieces. Alex just gave me that,"stupid boy look" and walked out of the kitchen.

We never did get a wall cupboard in that kitchen.

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