Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Burry Port Lighthouse and the Gower

I managed to finish the painting of Burry Port Lighthouse and the Gower today. I was quite pleased because Alex and I also managed to decorate my mother in law's dining room and lounge as well as picking up grandchildren from school! I admit it was an early start. Anyway a good days work done.

Alex and I were talking about airports the other day and we remembered the first time we flew into Naples. The Airport was literally an old WW11 aircraft hanger. Its probably a bit more modern now.

The funniest one though was in Greece. It was a flight to a military base which had one civilian flight a week. The arrivals hall was hilarious. It was an old nissen hut. We all had to cram in and wait for our baggage. There were no toilets, refreshments or anything not even a customs. After a while I noticed a hole cut in the wall at the end of the hut and then suddenly without ceremony a bag came flying through it. This was followed by others and you had to grab your bag in the scrum and avoid being hit by the next flying object. Why we couldn't just go outside and pick up our bags I don't know but it was quite surreal and pretty funny if you had no breakables packed.

Link Jefferson Airplane my favourite guitar instrumental

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