Friday, 31 May 2013

In the doghouse

This morning I decided to do a painting of my daughter's dog as it was stopping with us. Now I know I said I don't do pet portraits but I do paint our own animals now and again.
The cocker spaniel bitch is getting on and is quite a character. Anyway we were going to the gym at 10 o'clock so I had time to put a ground of burnt umber on the board before we went. I was dressed for the gym but I am not a messy painter quite the opposite in fact. I even have carpet in my studio. So I did the ground but naturally got carried away and before I knew it Alex was calling me and I had drawn the head with a brush and started the under painting. Aghhh! It was then I noticed the paint on my track suit! Its a good thing Alex doesn't read my blogs!

The painting is above is as far as I got before the gym. I will post the completed work tomorrow.

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