Sunday, 26 May 2013


It was a beautiful morning yesterday and I was out with Jac just after 6am. In fact Mal Pope on Radio Wales even asked Alex where I was when she asked for a request. On the way back down the hill there was a chaffinch on a telephone pole greeting the day and I thought for such a common little bird he has the most wonderful happy song. He matched my mood. So there he is above.

Later I went to the gym and took two of our granddaughters to drop off in gymnastics. Now I have interviewed pretty well every type of person from rogue to the very worst of mankind and generally not many got the better of me. My one year old granddaughter however got to the gymnasium and refused point blank to go in. She had the wrong top on! It was a waste of time arguing with her it was "No!" Despite all my powers of persuasion I was bettered by a four year old! I had to turn around and take her home.

We are nearly ready for the next exhibition so no panic there just need to catalogue and pack the paintings now.

Before I went out Mal Pope played a great track by Dave Grusin. I have Catrin Finch's version but here is the piano version:

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