Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Scottish Links

The painting above is of my Great Grandfather who was Scottish but opened a drapers in Woodstock. I did the painting from photographic references, (quite obviously as he was born in 1838!).

I am quite interested in my family history and have a number of characters in the background.
I was talking to my mother in law about her (Alex's grandfather)  father who was at Dunkirk, Italy and Iceland during the war. She told me that when there was an air raid warning her father's unit would raid the American Forces billets for provisions while the Americans took shelter. Sounds a bit risky to me, but I suppose you would get a bit fatalistic about these things. Anyway I can sympathise as I am always pinching bits from the kitchen.

I spent a few hours re-reading "Colour" by Edith Anderson Feisner today. A must really for any serious artist. A lot to take in but I have read it several times and every so often do a quick recap there is always something I have missed or forgotten. It is a very technical treatise but worth the effort.

Anyway my link for today could have been "Woodstock " by Mathew Southern Comfort but I went for something else! I know my father liked anything swing

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