Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Le Dejeuner...

The above painting was done by me some years ago. It is a take on "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe" by Claude Monet. My version is somewhat different (self evidently). It was quite large if I recall about  4 ft x 6 ft?
It was done for a college task. I didn't dislike it and had it on the wall for a while. However the positioning of the main figure is all wrong. That irritated the hell out of me. It is right in the middle and too high. As I recall the college didn't particularly like it either. Probably because it still resembled something and was painted quite nicely.  I kept the work for a while but it was in the way and I moved on or more correctly came full circle. It then made its way to Nant y Caws (the local tip).

Working on a large surface can cause problems in a small studio. I remember working on a large portrait. It looked fine in the studio but once I took it out and looked at it from 30ft it was pretty awful. I didn't even try to correct it I just started again from scratch.

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