Sunday, 12 May 2013

Big River ~ Old Carmarthen Quay

I did this painting of Old Carmarthen Quay yesterday. The Gaol is shown in the background and the bridge shown was replaced in the 1920's by the current one. The palette of colours was partly chosen to suit a frame I had for it and the style to match the period. The river used to be the main artery for trading in the area until the railway came along. Ships were built on the bank. Now it is of no great commercial value except for tourism and to be honest I think more could be done with it. Many towns would kill for a tidal river frontage.

People buy or choose paintings for varying reasons for example, cost, the artist, the subject, and the size.
Generally of course they like it and can live with it on their wall. Occasionally you get a different reason.
A lady came in to the gallery the other week with a curtain and went around the paintings looking for a  painting that would match her decor. Nothing wrong with that it kind of makes sense to buy a painting as a matching accessory. To be honest I was quite pleased she didn't buy one of mine. I know that sounds a bit snobby but I prefer to think my paintings are bought because they are valued by the purchaser.


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