Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Merlin's Hill ---- Alice's Restaurant

Merlin's Hill didn't look like that this morning. It was just poking out of the rain. The river Towy had broken its bank and was flooding the valley.The world was grey windy and wet. I quite liked it! The painting above was started last summer and finished last week.

Monday evening Alex and I entertained two old friends. Well to be truthful Alex entertained and fed them I just got entertained along with them. (But I did dry up on Tuesday Morning!). Now Alex is a terrific cook and host. She had bought long horn beef and much other wonderful produce mostly local. Unfortunately and unusually the beef was tough. Still not Alex's fault she had cooked it perfectly. One very rare blip in Alex's Restaurant.

Link Don't blame me if you get a bit fed up with it. It was ok in 1967 and it is a nice study in irony.

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