Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Errant Dog

The above is a watercolour and pencil sketch of one of our grandchildren. It was a quick work and could have been better. Today I finished packing the work for Picton Castle Exhibition, walked the dog and went shopping.
This afternoon Alex and I took Jac and our daughter's dog (actually bitch and in fact Jac's mother) for a walk. We are temporarily looking after the dog which is the smallest cocker spaniel you will probably see.
We got near a pond and she shot into it and swam around in it barking merrily. No amount of calling or whistling would drag her out. Alex and I were running around from one side of the pond to the other calling her name as she swam backwards and forwards. None of it guaranteed to help the heart or stress levels. Jac just looked on bemused.
After 20 minutes she came out of her own accord. They say never work with children or animals!

Her next walk will be nowhere near water.

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