Saturday, 18 May 2013

Clevedon Pier

Yesterday Alex and I went to Clevedon for a birthday party for 2 of our grandchildren.
I am not the most sociable person at parties and generally end up in the kitchen, which was where I was yesterday. As the children had all come as pirates I was probably a lot safer in there anyway.
It was a good party and all seemed to enjoy.

 I obviously didn't get any painting done yesterday but I did sneak off for half an hour and managed to do a sketch of Clevedon Pier surrounded by the muddy waters of the Bristol Channel. The blobs in the sky are on my scanner- reminder must clean the glass. I did have an A3 scanner but it was more trouble than it was worth and was always playing up so to give myself a life I took it the recycling.

An obvious link Jona Lewie

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