Monday, 20 May 2013

"Barents Sea" at the Texaco Jetty Milford Haven

As Jac and I were out for our walk this morning I got to thinking it would be a nice day for a sail.
It is now a few years since we had to give up the sailing boat and to be honest I know its something we won't go back to. But there are days when I think it would be nice to be out on the water, sailing down the Milford Haven, past the jetties with the tankers discharging there cargo, the boat heeling at a kind angle and a wave occasionally splashing on the fore deck. Then out to Skomer Island to see the Puffins. Lunch at anchor with seals for company.

 A faded memory now but still its nice to have had those experiences. The painting above is one I did of the tanker Barents Sea against the old Texaco Refinery as it was then.

Last night I decided there wasn't much on the television so we would watch a film. In the end I chose "Prometheus" the prequel to "Alien".
After about ten minutes Alex turned to me and said,"Is this a true story?" I wasn't sure what to say.

This morning my mother in law was describing someone to us.
She looked at me and said, "He is about the same size as Mark but thin." Okay point taken but at tad brutal.

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