Saturday, 1 June 2013

Old Cocker Spaniel

Here as promised is the completed painting of our daughter and son in law's old cocker spaniel "Shabby" kennel club name "Rimfire Rita".
You can probably see now why I was happy to paint her. She has a really interesting face as old age is coming upon her quickly. Of course the eyes are central to getting the character right.

This morning was a beautiful walk with the two dogs. I stopped on top of the valley to watch a sparrow hawk glide across the trees by Cwm Oernant Farm below me. You could see across to Mynydded y Garreg in the South and Green Castle Corner in the South West. Looking North East you could see the wind turbines out towards Brechfa slowly turning. Looking towards Merlin's Hill a field of this years calves were highlighted against the light. Each one was a rich dark brown silhouette with a golden outline of light.

Sorry I'm going all poetic. Breakfast calls.


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