Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I helped one of our grandson's with their homework last night. When I was at school I hated homework and to be honest I didn't like school. I left at sixteen. Getting back to the homework it was nothing too taxing just a picture of old Carmarthen. He chose to do one of the Gwili Railway. I am not a great teacher as I feel inclined to grab the brush or pencil and do it myself. I suppose where painting is concerned I want to see it done as I imagine it.
That is one reason I don't teach the other is I want to spend my time painting not showing others how to do it.
Anyway back to the homework, he did a good job of the Tank Engine Heulwen. (Shown above as painted by myself hauling a passenger train).

This week I have to finish the painting of the Sunderland and start another landscape. Alex did ten frames the other day and is going flat out.

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