Friday, 7 October 2011

Winter Llansteffan

The oil painting above is one I finished today. It shows Llansteffan Green in the winter. Unusual colours for me but it needed to be atmospheric.

I occasionally find myself doing daft things when I’m not concentrating like putting the sugar bowl in the fridge. It reminds me of a secretary who once worked for me.
She was a real character. On more than one occasion she came to work in odd and different coloured shoes, i.e. one brown one and one black one. She also occasionally disappeared at lunchtime and didn’t come back. It would then require a search as she would have fallen asleep somewhere. The oddest thing was that I drank fruit teas and nearly every time she made one for me she would put milk in it no matter how many times I explained it was far nicer without. Everyone has their foibles and hers were pretty quirky. She was a real legend and loved by everyone as she was hilarious to work with and there was rarely a dull moment.

Alex is busy making cards now. She spent the last 2 days preparing a meal (banquet?) for last night when we had friends over.

Up early in the morning to watch the Wales v. Ireland game.

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