Saturday, 22 October 2011

More than a dusting of snow

Here is another of the winter landscapes I have done. It is based on the sketch I did of the Preseli’s but I have added the layer of heavy snow.

One of my earliest memories is as a young boy walking out of the house and being hit by an avalanche of snow that god decided to dump on me of the roof. I was no worse for ware and god clearly had a good laugh, as did my family.

Snow scenes are generally quite atmospheric as the light is bounced around quite a lot of the different layers and particularly if there are snow bearing clouds around. The trick is to have enough contrast in the composition. Hopefully this one has succeeded.

I remember when I worked in Welshpool one of my colleagues rang up work after a particularly heavy fall of snow he spoke to his supervisor and told him he could n’t get to work as the roads were impassable.

The supervisor said;
“How did you get home last night ?”
“I had to walk home the 8 miles in the snow”
“Well walk back in then.”

He did. Things were different in those days.

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