Monday, 10 October 2011

Ebeneezer Chapel Abergwili

I started the painting of Ebeneezer Chapel, Abergwili today. With talk of a new ice age coming and memories of last winter I have made it a winter scene. As I have had a few other chores to do today I haven’t finished it, there is still some cleaning up to do and detail to add.

Alex is in the new gallery today in King St. Carmarthen.

Yesterday we went to Cardiff to meet a couple of old friends from Newtown for lunch. A very pleasant occasion it was too. Afterwards we went around Cardiff looking for a pair of new jeans for Alex. You would think that would be an easy task. We went to many shops but all the jeans we found were £45+. What was worse someone had gone around cutting holes in them or pouring bleach on them! Fashion! Even Alex wasn’t going to pay £45 for new jeans with holes already in them.

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