Sunday, 30 October 2011

Here is the reworked painting from yesterday. Winter in Abergwili a little village just outside Carmarthen. The chapel lights are shining across the fallen snow.

I had intended to continue with another painting this morning but the first layer hadn’t dried. I forget it’s getting colder; I will have to think about putting the heating on. Okay I have thought about it, it can go on in February! We never had heating in the house when I grew up only a coal fire in one room. The bedrooms had ice on the windows on the inside in winter. When it snowed we had to go into the loft to shovel the snow out as it blew in under the tiles. The cold doesn’t bother me much as a rule and I can draw outside in the bitterest wind.

Had an early phone call this morning form one of our daughters. Predictably she had forgotten that the clocks had gone back! I was up and it encouraged Alex out of bed so it was no bad thing.

As I wasn’t painting today Alex and I have been working on frames. She had cut mouldings to join 8 frames and we began priming, undercoating and rubbing down in between. The topcoat is sprayed on. It really is time consuming but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes.
Later we will go to the gym time permitting.

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