Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Frames and Framing

Alex does all the framing for me. Very good she is at is too. She is a perfectionist, which can be a bit of a bind. She will cut and assemble the moulding into a frame and then notice a small defect in the moulding and bang into the bin it goes and start again. What happens more often is that having carefully assembled a frame and made a mount, she puts the picture in hoovering carefully everything as she goes and then tapes it all up. Picking the picture up a minute spec of dust will drop into the front of the picture under the glass. Same result start again!

If we go to an exhibition I will look at the paintings and Alex will look at the frames, coming out with comments like;

“Look at the corners on that, and look at the gap”.
“That moulding is cheap plastic.”……

I wouldn’t have the patience to frame paintings. Anyway the sketch above was made when she was framing.

Today Alex is framing.

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