Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Teifi

I finished the painting above this morning. It is another painting of the River Teifi.

I was out walking yesterday when I saw a sudden flash. It was the bright iridescent blue of a kingfisher. The blue is difficult to describe, as it isn’t the colour of any pigment. The colour comes from the sun on the feathers of the bird in flight. I would call it electric blue nearly the colour or the feeling of a spark. Anyway I was sufficiently impressed to make a mental note of my sighting. I haven’t seen one around the reservoirs for several years.

On the same day I also saw a greater spotted woodpecker in the trees behind the house. It was a bit of a bird spotter’s day out. I love nature but unfortunately these birds are impossible to paint.

They don’t hang around like a cat or a dog or cattle.

I am off teaching now.

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